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  Robots are not coming for us, they're here! Through the years i have been watching too much sci-fi like Transformers and Power Rangers. And I wondering if there will be a time that robots will be real. But this year the long wait is over, because they ar
takemetoheaven 08.01.2018 0 154

Robot, A machine made by human that is program by computer. A machine that can be use by or for design,construction,operation and some other Things. Robots are made by humans to help them to finish some work. A lot of factories now are having a mechanical
Janel 08.01.2018 0 431

Robots are one of the most technologically advanced inventions of human, and every day humans are trying so hard to make it more advance. Imagine this one day humans finally made a perfect Robot, not just for entertainment but also making the world a bette
Nhina 08.01.2018 0 264
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"...robots will be able to do everything better than us ... I mean all of us."

Elon Musk

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