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The Machine Wakes Up


So what do you think about Sophia?  Are you surprised at the leap in technology?  She is learning at a super rapid pace.. so, what happens when she learns more?  What happens when she learns all of what humanity is capable of?  From cruelty and war to concepts like M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction as a nuclear war deterrent).  And does it matter what she thinks?  Is she simply a machine to be used like a computer and turned off without regard?  Or is she a sentient being with consciousness now? 

Although this topic is fairly broad and open, please keep the discussion centered around Sophia.  If you find yourself veering off into other topics, please browse through the many topics of discussions to find the perfect place for views and ideas.  Or please feel free to open a new topic if it is not already listed. - The Authority On Next Generation Love Dolls & Technology Integration