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Technological Inventions that will Changed the World
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Technological Inventions that will Changed the World

Robots are one of the most technologically advanced inventions of human, and every day humans are trying so hard to make it more advance.

Imagine this one day humans finally made a perfect Robot, not just for entertainment but also making the world a better place or your like to start of.  Like for example the Robots will work for you doing everything for you from cooking, cleaning your house wile your enjoying your football game. That's really cool right cool? you will not go to the office to be scold by your boss and deal with the stress everyday. 

You can just be on a vacation some ware on earth and get paid at the same time. Just imagine having the freedom you always want. You can have more time thinking about how you can make the world a better place because you don't have to deal with life stressing you out.

You can focus in what you really wanna be in this life, be who you wanna be.  Maybe in the future people will have robots as there helper, helping theme to make there life much essayer. If that happen people will have more time to make a difference in the world and maybe just actually save the world. They can build building and they will never get tired or take a one hour break for lunch they will just keep working until they rust hahaha.

I think they will actually make a difference. Like for example did all of you saw the movie I-Robots?  yeah that's kinda scary the robots trying to wipe out all Humans surprised. But lets not get to that part.  All of you saw that the part that Robots are actually helping the humans that's us tongue-out to build all this crazy inventions from car flying to hollow grams on the wall and cops are actually Robots. Maybe one day the Robots that the humans are trying to develop  will be like that or even better but of course with out the killing part hahah. But seriously maybe they can also save us. well no body knows yet. Lets just wait and find out. innocent


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