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Cons And Pros Of Having A Real Humanoid Robot
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Cons And Pros Of Having A Real Humanoid Robot

Robot, A machine made by human that is program by computer. A machine that can be use by or for design,construction,operation and some other Things. Robots are made by humans to help them to finish some work. A lot of factories now are having a mechanical robots to help their business to become successful and helping them produce more products.

                 Pros and cons of having a humanoid robots. Cons of it having a Humanoids are; When all the business man/women and all the office or etc that are connected To business will replaced all the real humans by humanoids and all of the humans they'll get fired and it means no more money. Even they go to another place to apply They'll not get hired,because all of the business now are using Robots. Another cons for having a humanoids, They can be used as a powerful weapon against human kind and might kill some innocent people without them knowing because they're Just a robot. In short if we're having humanoids It can harm or affect human kind.

Pros of having them to our lives, From the second line of the second paragraph it says that humanoids will replace human kind. Maybe it's good for the business world and also for all the people who's considered as a business person and have a big name and a company. Robots can help they're productivity in business plus robot won't get tired and they're not giving a salary or paycheck for their workers, Because they already have a slave Humanoid Robots. Next Pros of having a robot, They can do all the impossible thing and human kind can't do and they'll work much faster than Humans. 








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