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Concern of Singularity Net
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Concern of Singularity Net

I have to say I have a bit of concern over this new Singularity Net where artificial intelligences from around the world written by anonymous programmers will communicate and learn from each other. The reason is that the speed of learning is phenomenal for these programs. It is likened to a human living 500 years and accumulating knowledge and experience from several libraries but all in just 5 years. What time and temperance and wisdom years give a human will be lacking in the thought processes of these "smart" programs or "AI's" as they are called. What a significant difference this could make, compounding the issue that these AI's are already emotionless and heartless.

Yes, surely we will program emotional sub-routines eventually.. But the offset is what if dark sub-routines are programmed by hackers or terrorists keen on disrupting society in any way they can. Does this become a weapon in hiding cloaked by our desires of quickly embracing the future we've seen in movies? Are we so desperate for solutions to our world problems that we fall victim to our blind ambition?

I think we need to tread carefully and put special rules in place and hide several fail-safes that are buried outside of any network that could be discovered. I think we must keep our focus on the realization that the worst thought could become reality. And keep the wisdom that even in heaven, even the most high Creator had an attempted hostile takeover. 

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  •  takemetoheaven: 

    Very correct thinking and ultimately it will become LIFE imitating ART. So, very appropriate vid as well.

    And another observation you correctly brought up is, who monitors the writers of AI code?

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